TechMate Pro Scan Tool

This self-contained, hand-held diagnostic scan tool displays complete GM Ram Jet fuel injection system information allowing you to perform component level engine diagnosis like the pros. TechMate Pro allows you to:

  • Display live sensor readings
  • View spark advance and fueling information 
  • Extract and erase ECM fault codes
  • View fault code explanations
  • Read engine operating hours
  • Monitor system status indicators
  • Scan ECM inputs and activate outputs
  • Set base engine timing

TechMate Pro also allows base spark advance to be set when used with a timing light. 

Part # 94070

CodeMate marine code reader

MEFI Code Reader

For GM-Delphi MEFI-1 thru MEFI-4

This pocket size tester serves as both an EFI Problem Indicator and a Spark Timing service tool. It is the perfect tool for low volume marine repair shops that troubleshoot a small number of EFI systems a year. CodeMate allows fault codes to be read and allows base spark advance to be set when used with a timing light.

For GM-Delphi MEFI-1 thru MEFI-4
systems only. 

CodeMate User Guide

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Part #94008


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