MerCruiser / TechMate Scan Tool Technical Information

Scan Tool EFI Compatibility

The MerCruiser and TechMate scan tools are compatible with 1992
 and newer EFI systems being used by a variety of marine engine manufacturers. These include MerCruiser, Volvo Penta, Indmar, Pleasurecraft Marine, Crusader, Marine Power, Kodiak
Flagship Marine, Panther Air Boats and more.

Additional manufacturers may apply based upon
 new software releases.  If you have any
 questions please contact us.

Mercruiser marine diagnostic scan tool

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Rinda TechMate marine diagnostic scan tool

TechMate Scan Tool User Manual

Outboard Engine Supplemental Manual

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Important Note

This specification page refers to both the MerCruiser and TechMate marine scan tools.   All specifications shown below pertain to both tools.

  Scan tools must be equipped with Version 6 software for support specifications listed below to apply.


1992 thru 2014 GM-Delphi
MEFI Support

The MerCruiser / TechMate scan tools include support for
 MEFI-1 thru MEFI-6 control modules. Troubleshoot
fuel injected marine engines equipped with any of these
 ECMs including MerCruiser, Volvo Penta, Indmar,
 Marine Power, Crusader and PleasureCraft Marine,
Kodiak, Flasgship Marine and more.

MEFI ECM engine control module


Volvo EGC engine control module


2006-Up Volvo Penta EGC Support

Comprehensive diagnostic support for Volvo Penta's 2006 and
newer EGC fuel injection system is provided.    2009 catalyst
equipped California engines are fully supported.   Perform a
wide variety of diagnostic tests,  monitor critical engine
functions, read fault codes and view an extensive set of
EFI system information.



2008-Up Indmar / Zero-Off Support

Indmar limited production engine models equipped with Econtrols
ECM modules used in conjunction with Zero-Off GPS
speed control systems are fully supported.   Monitor
engine data, access fault codes, execute diagnostic
tests and view a wide variety of EFI system information.

In addition, all standard production Indmar EFI engines equipped
with GM-Delphi marine fuel injection are also fully supported.

Indmar Econtrols marine engine control module

Mercury Mercruiser PCM engine control module


2001-Up MerCruiser PCM-555 / ECM-555 Support

The scan tool provides an extensive set of diagnostic and support functions for troubleshooting engines equipped
with MerCruiser PCM-555 and ECM-555 engine
control systems.  Read live engine data, diagnostic
codes, access Freeze Frame data, perform tests,
set engine locations, set drive trim and trailer
 limit positions, plus much more.



2009-Up MerCruiser PCM-09
(Visteon) support

MerCruiser introduced the PCM-09 ECM module on their
2009 model year engine's equipped with catalytic converters.
These engines are initially intended for the California market
and are designed to meet California emission requirements.
The scan tool reads live engine data including oxygen sensor
and other catalyst critical information.  Also access all
 active, pending and previously active fault codes,
erase faults, read engine hours and more.

Mercury Mercruiser PCM-09 engine control module


Pleasurecraft Crusader ECM engine control module


2007-Up PCM / Crusader
ECM-07 & ECM-08 support

 In addition to supporting all 1992-Up Pleasurecraft Marine and
 Crusader engines equipped with GM-Delphi maine fuel injection,
 the scan tool also supports their newly introduced ECM-07
and ECM-08 EFI control systems.  Access a full range of
diagnostic functions, monitor critical engine data, read
 fault codes and view EFI system information.



1996-Up MerCruiser Thunderbolt V
Ignition module support

The scan tool supports 1996-up MerCruiser Thunderbolt V
ignition modules. Technicians can access engine operating
 hour data from the module and review the number of hours
 an engine has operated in several preset RPM ranges.


Mercury Mercruiser Thunderbolt V ignition module

Mercury Mercruiser Thunderbolt V ignition module

Mercury Mercruiser D-Tronic diesel ECM engine control module

1997-Up  MerCruiser D -Tronic
Diesel support

The scan tool fully supports MerCruiser D-Tronic fuel
injection systems found on 1997-UP 2.8L, 4.2L and
  7.3L MerCruiser diesel engines.   The scan tool reads
live engine data and can also access active fault codes,
erase faults, read engine hours and more.

Mercury Outboards

  2006-Up Verado engines:
    135hp, 150hp, 175hp, 200hp, 225hp, 250hp, 275hp, 300hp, 350hp

  2002 - Up 4-stroke EFI engines:
    25hp, 30hp, 40hp, 50hp, 60hp, 75hp, 90hp, 115hp

  1998 - Up 4-stroke Carbureted engines:
    25hp, 30hp, 40hp, 50hp, 60hp

  2001 - Up Optimax engines:
    All models.

  1998 - 2000 DFI engines:
     All models

  1994 - Up 2-stroke EFI engines:
     150hp, 175hp, 200hp, 225hp, 225hp(3.0L)

  1994 - 1999 2-stroke Carbureted engines:

  1995-Up Racing 2-stroke EFI engines:
     150hp, 200hp, 225hp, 2.5L, 280hp, 300hp, Optimax XS series


Sterndrives and Inboards

  1992 - 2012 EFI engines:
     All models

  1996-up Carbureted engines with
     Thunderbolt V ignition:

     All models

  MerCruiser D-Tronic Diesels
  1997 - 2007
     2.8L 4-cylinder, 4.2L 6-cylinder

  1997 - 2005
     7.3L V8

  Mercury Racing (sterndrives)
  1998 - 2011 EFI engines:
     All models

  Volvo Penta
  1992 - 2014 EFI engines:
     All models

  1992 - 2014 EFI engines:
     All models

  Flagship Marine
  1992 - Up GM EFI engines:
     All Models

  Ilmor Marine Engines
  2009 - Up V10 engines:
     MV-650, MV-725

  2010 - Up V8 engines:
     All models

  1992 - 2014 EFI engines:
     All models

  Kodiak Marine
  1992 - Up GM EFI engines:
     All Models
  Marine Power
  1992 - 2014 GM EFI engines:
     All models

  Panther Air Boats
  2000 - Up GM EFI engines:
     All Models

  Pleasurecraft Marine
  1992 - 2014 EFI engines:
     All models (excludes 1990s Ford engines)

  GM RamJet Crate Engines
  2000 - Up EFI engines:
     RamJet 350, RamJet 502

  TurnKey Engines
  2001 - Up MEFI Engines
     Engines with MEFI-1 thru MEFI-5 EFI

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